Hello and welcome!

You’ve arrived at a place where we can visit and I can show you some of my favorite things! I’m so very happy to have you!

Some imagination is required past this point. It is my ambition that your visit would be like visiting a secret tunnel that you’ve never been in before. Flickering candles lie on top of the shelves and so do books, and the room is also illumined by light from secret windows out of which you can look and see the world from a unique vantage point. As for what exactly you will see…

I, the proprietor of this tunnel (which is really a blog and, come to think of it, it doesn’t look much like a tunnel) am only human.

I get excited about the new things that I learn, original stories that come into my head, and things that I’ve known about already that altogether make up very, very good news that I’d like to share and revel in. I cut open windows to the outside world from my point of view that I would like you to look through as well, and many of the books are full of stories that I’ve made up that you might enjoy.

Of course, sometimes I’m not always glad about something, but who isn’t? My only sources of grief comes from us unfortunately living in a world whose stewards and most beautiful jewels are each stunted by a sinful nature, and that impacting us for eternity. So, sometimes you might see something inside or from the windows of my tunnel that’s not all happy. But there is a reason behind why it’s there. We live in a world that is cursed. That can’t be helped all the way until King Jesus comes back. If you find yourself needing to know more about this, on the menu you’ll find the ultimate good news, the good news of Jesus Christ.

The gospel part of this blog is not exactly from me. It is like the very end of my tunnel, the place to which I intend my tunnel to lead. It is ultimately from God and free for the whole world to hear. I hope that if it hasn’t done so already, it is here for your good. Perhaps after learning much more about God yourself you might come back to the tunnel and point out things that I’ve written, said, or shown, that have errors in them according to what He has said, because I’m only someone like you. I’m someone who’s liable to make lots of mistakes and poor judgments and selfish decisions.

But thank you for visiting my blog today. Enjoy the stories and see the nonfiction things that I’ve experienced for a little while if you’d like. Remember its end. Perhaps we’ll see each other’s real faces someday if we haven’t done so already!

–The Proprietor, Kayla Lawrence.

(Otherwise known as Kaylarosie, a learner, as well as word nerd. See the About Pg. for some other information)

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