He Is Coming Back, Soon…

A few mornings ago, I discovered a shared article expressing concern about a recent meeting between a prominent Muslim leader and the pope regarding the recent turn of events between Jerusalem and the United States.

My, my, my, we’ve gotten so global. And if that wasn’t enough, whoever had written the article had strongly suggested that the meeting between the two leaders was a key point toward the establishment of the Antichrist’s kingdom as prophesied in Scripture.

I’ve learned not to guess whom exactly the Antichrist is, if he’s alive today: what a horrible thing to think toward another person. All I can be sure of is that the world is being slowly prepared for his kingdom, slowly and deceptively, as it has been for thousands of years. When I think about it, I’m not scared, only sad for the people who will be on earth at the time and led to believe that the Antichrist is God.

Somebody else was excited about the dates on which the southeastern United States this year was experiencing Hurricane Irma, or perhaps those were the dates of Harvey about which they were talking. Apparently, if the slashes on those dates, when written down,  were instead a colon and a dash, and if the name of a partly prophetic book of the Bible was added to the beginning of the sequence (as though that’s how to apply the Scriptures to life), then there we would have it: a Bible passage’s reference about the coming of Jesus! That must mean that we are in the Tribulation!!!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait a minute, people! Calm down! Others said on similar grounds many years ago that Jesus had to be coming back in the month of May in 2012. And I think you can by your own analyses decide correctly whether or not He actually did. Back then, I fell into the trap myself. But May passed, my parents counseled me, and Matthew 24:36 rang true. Today, I don’t believe that verse numbers have anything prophetic inside of them.

Still, I’ve carefully considered the promise from God that He will come back soon. But I can’t point at anything that’s happening, however terrible, and call it a sign, unless it coincides with His plainly spoken promises. And I believe from 1 Thessalonians 4:4-18 and 5:4-10 and from Revelation 3:22-4:2 that Christians are going to be taken away from the earth before the Tribulation and the Antichrist comes. Even so, I can get mistakenly scared from my own experiences that that event itself has already happened.

One day, I couldn’t find Mom or Dad anywhere in the house, and I was terrified and thinking that I had been a false Christian because I couldn’t find them.

On other days, I’ve been awakened by the light being turned on in the bedroom belonging to my sister and me. On those mornings, I am for a moment convinced that I’ve arrived at Jesus’ throne room: the light is so bright and unexpected and my eyes haven’t opened up yet to see its actual source.

I say enough with playing games about when the Lord might come back. But I’m growing aware that He could return at any moment. He might even return before The Unlikely Doctor, my novel, gets finished. But I have no business staring at the clouds and trying to decide if and when an interruption like that is going to take place. There is so much to do for Christ’s Kingdom; perhaps the story will be useful, perhaps it won’t. In any case, speculations about such things as secret dates and times and the Antichrist’s name are completely unhelpful preoccupations.


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