We Have the Keys

Correct me if I’ve appeared to muddle instead of clarify something biblical, will you? And I’d love to talk with you about this post later or whenever you have the time.

Anyhow, if you’ve at some time or another read my last two posts and are thirsty for more, rest assured, Bye-Bye Buttons and the others will be back soon. Next week, I’m thinking. Today, however, we are going to talk about something real.

I sometimes like to consider the physical things around me that feel like they are mine. Maybe you now and then to do that too. Many of the things that I consider mine in my house notably include such features as locks, passwords, hiding places, or my own name written on them in one way or another. I have a big family, see, and the older we each get, the more we like to keep our things well distinguished from being anybody else’s.

Sometimes, however, there are items that belong more communally to the family and that aren’t just mine. And yet it takes time for me to be entrusted to use those things. And that’s when I’m forced to take a step backwards and realize that I really don’t own anything physical. The reason for why anything physical is underneath my care at all is that to some degree I’m trusted by other people and ultimately entrusted by God to use the thing wisely.

My parents trust me with the things that they buy, otherwise they would not be my things. My friends trust me that I’ll receive their love, otherwise they would not be my friends. And almost everyone in America for example trusts that dollars are somewhat useful, otherwise we would not have it as currency. And people only manage private property to the point that those who are capable of taking it away from them instead trust them to manage it well on their own. To name some examples.

Doesn’t it make anyone excited to be entrusted with anything, especially if it is big and important? So, now that we are talking about big and important, do Christians honestly realize the significance of being entrusted with the greatest thing of all, namely the gospel message?

Now, God doesn’t “trust” us, like people do, He knows what we will do with what we are given. And the gospel isn’t a material thing, it’s spiritual, but just think for a minute about what it gives: because we now have a relationship of love between us and our Heavenly Father, every last true Christian is promised a share in the eternal Kingdom of God forever! This is mind-blowing. We are richer than anybody else, even though our wealth as of now cannot be seen or touched.

If you’re like me, it can be a little hard to wrap your mind around something that cannot be sensed in any way physically. And so, some days ago, I started comparing having saving faith to being given a material thing: a key. This imaginary key stands for God’s one and only way to salvation, the only way by which Heaven’s doors are opened. And, if you have it, yes, it is yours forever. Other believers have an exact reproduction of the key too. This key stands for the precious relationship with God the Father through Jesus.

Now the cool thing about the one key that you’re given in my analogy is that it can be reproduced however many times you want it to be reproduced. The reproductions, when done right, are always exact. But why would you want to make copies of your key? You only need one for your own eternal access into God’s Kingdom, after all. But you would be making copies if you wanted other people to have access to the Heavenly Father too, wouldn’t you?

See, the rest of the world doesn’t realize that what keys they have (their beliefs about how to be right with God) are faulty. They don’t realize that they don’t have what they need. They don’t realize that they need your key, even though it is the only way, the only truth, and the only life, and their only hope for not being deservedly in Hell after they die, as it was and still is your hope too.

In spite of all of their self-confidence, those without the keys are all blinded by their sins, and without keys like yours, they are locked out.

We are not locked out! We have the glorious promise from God that He will take us to be with Him forever. We have all of the blessings and rewards because God’s righteous Son was crucified in our place and is now alive, and by this loving act alone He brought about the great reconciliation!

No more guilt now. We are sons of God. We belong to His house. We have the keys. Let’s sing for joy! What else can we do?

The rest of the world does not have the keys at all. Here is where evangelism comes in. Evangelism is like heading out with all of your copies of the key and offering one to each person out there whom you find to be in need of one. As we do it, we’ll of course be flipped-flopped about and rejected often, with them saying things like, “I don’t need your key! I have my own! It’s at least similar-looking! I’m fine!”

But, like I said, the unsaved are blinded by their sins and so they don’t know that their keys won’t work. They don’t know that they are locked out. But God by His grace will at times open their eyes to see. Until then, they are all locked out, and in the end, they will all eternally die.

Friends in Christ, we will never, ever, ever lose the original key that was given to us, the one God once helped us each to see in our lives at one time or another. For sure, while on any mission out there to share it, there is always the possibility that we could lose our lives, or at least be a bit persecuted by the people who naturally hate the Key that is with us. But remember, any form of persecution endured means only one glorious thing: when we suffer because of Christ’s sake, it brings us one step closer to putting the key that is always with us to its anticipated use. (!)

Instead of being stuck with the temporary pleasures and possessions in this world, we will be with God.

So, the summary of my thoughts today: what is any worldly position or possession next to salvation? My “key” might seem insignificant and silly to some people, but it’s actually the greatest thing that can be entrusted to anyone’s care. And it can furthermore be multiplied and offered out to still more people so that the door can be unlocked for them! They can be saved too! We serve a spiritually generous God. Taking care of physical things is not bad. But having salvation and getting to share it to other people is better than owning all of the money in the world, isn’t it?


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