2018 Is Saying (or It Has Said) Goodbye, and So Is My Blog…But That Is Not the Whole Story

Hello friends, I don’t know whether you remember me, but I’m Kayla Lawrence and I started the blog Thoughts of a Learner severrrrrrrrrrral months ago, and it seems of late that the blog has gone extinct. I mean, I haven’t been writing anything new and I can understand if by any chance you’ve been missing my off-and-on appearances. If you’re at all curious as to where I’ve been, I can tell you: I’ve been in school! I’m a college student, finally, and that has been very interesting. College hasn’t been the biggest reason why I haven’t been writing on here, however.

I have realized that my blog has been more or less without a point. Not that I’ve felt pointless while working on it, but that I’ve offered no specific service by means of it. I’ve jumped from place to place, from topic to topic, from the shallows to the depths to back again, from a vegetable garden to a creature of my own invention to my thoughts about the national legalization of same-sex marriage to random books and so on. I’ve not thought enough of you or what my writing journey online could really most helpfully be about.

Thoughts of a Learner is a first try. An unsaid lesson for me that has been happening is how to manage a blog in the first place. Now when I look at this place I don’t see a place as hospitable as I imagined it would be, but a bit of a mess that has probably been all too easily forgotten by its regular visitors. The mess is my fault. As for how to fix it, I’m making plans to start out fresh, with a new name, a new format, a regular schedule, and a main point as much as I can make use of it.

That brings me to another reason for why it has been difficult to blog a lot if at all this last year. I’ve not been as educated as I’ve thought I should be in order to have much to say. Frankly I called this blog “Thoughts of a Learner” because I could think of nothing that expressed an expertise in something that I’d be sure of myself to have. Now with the help of college and being busy in other ways, I’ve started to get a few ideas. But a blog about less introspective things should have a far less introspective title. To avoid confusion, instead of simply changing the title of this blog just like that, I’m making plans to start afresh. New blog, new everything. Please let me know how you feel about the idea. Whether or not you’re excited about it, I’ll at least know that you’re somewhat interested in however my writing online will move forward. Thank you!

I consider some of Thoughts of a Learner’s publications and I don’t want to throw them away. Particularly the nonfiction that discusses serious topics, like We Have the Keys and Living with God in an Unrighteous Land. They are not being thrown out. I’m planning for them to be in the new blog too. Do you have a favorite post that you would like to see in the new blog besides those ones? Please do talk to me about it!

I believe that over the next semester, if God allows, I’ll have enough time on my hands to do this thing for you. College promises to be less time-consuming and I’m happy to be busy doing things that are unrelated to it. I will send my email subscribers a survey about my plans at some point, probably in mid-January. If you are on my email list, you can participate in the survey too.

2018 has been a bumpy ride, with its share of successes and failures and all kinds of crazy things, some of which I cannot tell yet why have happened. What has your year been like? Alright. I’ve asked you plenty of questions. Go on and enjoy your end-of-the-year-party and/or the welcoming of 2019 and the rest of Christmas break or whatever you do, and if you’re all by yourself and have no one to feel happy with, I wish I could give you a hug and that my new blog might help cheer things up, although only Jesus promises to do that in the best way. Seriously. I’ve had sad days and nights too.

I’m very, very sorry for not being an example of consistency and good service on the blog Thoughts of a Learner. I would love to start afresh again and will write to you all again as soon as the new idea gets started, which will prayerfully happen at some point during the new year. Does that sound like it’s worth a yay to you? 🙂


I’m not very bright of a light right now,
And that is not okay.
If my words are to burn and be loud,
Then what am I to say?
Let me say something that passes on joy.
Let me say something that has a point.
Let me write words that could last for years,
Let me have words good for anyone to hear
While I can still write and still can sing to you
And before all our means of communication


2 thoughts on “2018 Is Saying (or It Has Said) Goodbye, and So Is My Blog…But That Is Not the Whole Story

  1. Yay! This is exciting! Change is good, and I think starting fresh is a great idea. Please take your time thinking it out, but I can’t wait to see it! 😀

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