About the Blogger


Who, me?

Kayla from one perspective is (really) the second-oldest daughter of a quiet couple who live mostly in the urban parts of Northeast Texas. She’s been a homeschooling student for years and years and years and a writer at the same time and a reader of the news (most of which has seemed pretty discouraging of late).

She’s loved to write lots. She likes math, too, and she wonders just how many other fiction writers like it as well. Her favorite authors include C.S. Lewis, Andrew Peterson, Tolkien, and, when she’s brave, Austen and Sir Conan Doyle and Dickens.

From another perspective, Kayla’s a person who has so much more to learn that’s out there and to get seriously accustomed to doing. May God help her to emerge out of the comfortable shell of introversion and introspection!

From yet another perspective, she’s somebody whom the Lord’s nudged to be an everyday speaker and doer of things that bring Him honor. He has saved her and others like her not because of anything they’ve done but because of His mercy. If there’s anything that this one small learner needs to learn, it’s that He deserves more than she could ever even imagine herself to give to Him in return.

Kayla has many friends and brothers and sisters, blessings, and privileges. She’s learning not to take any one of them lightly. Here on this blog she talks about this and many other things that she learns along the journey of living in the here and the now. Oh, and she might share a story or something once in a while for your enjoyment.

She’ll be happy to get to know you too!

That’s Kayla. Now what about me? (Shush! You’re only an imaginary entity stealing the show.)