Psalm 100:4-5


Here I intend to list on a regular basis a number of graces that God for some reason was pleased to let me know or experience. Many will be quite common and, unless looked at rightly, boring. Rest assured that the purpose of this page is NOT to bore you and it would be my great pleasure if it would excite you instead to give thanks to God with me for the hundreds of things that He gives us almost every day.

Look up Psalm 100:4-5 for yourself. I aim for this page to help you and me fulfill that command.


Isn’t it wonderful that if we have nothing bearing down upon our consciences then we don’t have to be afraid of each other? As for God, He is the Sustainer and His children’s guide.


Today I’m giving a shout-out for some of the best Bible-teaching people whom I have ever known about. I didn’t realize how good and meaningful it would be to listen to R.C. Sproul’s stuff until recently, when he died. So I’m grateful that he’s been here. My family and I owe a lot also to the existence of John MacArthur, and Alister Begg’s is another gift from God. (Earlier this year, our family had the privilege of hearing THEM BOTH at the SAME CONFERENCE! That was a lot to listen to, though, and it required intense note-taking.) I think it’s amazing that God chose to raise up such men and still others, and then to let all of our forms of social media to be invented, so that salvation and edification through His Word could be accomplished and spread so far from one man speaking at one time. Don’t you?


Happy Thanksgiving everybody! Today the first thing that I remember giving thanks for is the fact that God gave us the written Word. We could not do without knowing about Jesus’ coming and furthermore having the wisdom that God gave us in the Bible to have! It’s amazing to me that He’s even said things to some people and even more so that today I have those very words in my possession.

Oh, and why not say more? My older sister gave me a present today, a journal in which I think I’ll put down ideas for T.U.D. (the story that I last blog-posted about). So thanks be for that! It’s really beautiful outside today where I live and I’m grateful for that. Lastly for now, the future is in God’s hands, and it is going to be a good one!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!


(It’s been a while since I’ve been on here) Today I’m giving thanks for the thousands of ways that human beings have been allowed to be creative. Regardless of one’s level of talent, each of us has been given so many incredible things to do, big and small!!!


Today the piano keys plunked and plummered under the diligent fingers of my older sister as she played some cheerful sonatina for the entire house to hear. Perhaps my brothers as they roughed around for fun both listened and were enjoying it. Others sat over books in solitary corners. The little girlies stayed in bed as they were supposed to. Mom and Dad conversed together lovingly. Such is an example of what peace normally looks like in my house. Today I give a conscious and overdue thanks for it.